Our treatment process

1. First consultation

During your first appointment your teeth and jaw alignment and speech will be assessed and you can communicate with us any treatment wishes you might have. Based on this first assessment, the orthodontist will make an initial diagnosis from which an initial treatment advice is drawn up. If an orthodontic treatment is possible and desired, follow-up appointments can be booked. During your follow-up appointment the orthodontist will collect additional information about your teeth after which your treatment can be started.

ATTENTION! New patients preferably book their first appointment before the age of 15, and for an early treatment, before the age of 8.5. This allows for refund options through the NIHDI (National Institute for Health and Disablilty Insurance).

2. Documentation

In order to develop a detailed and personal treatment plan, additional information will be collected throughout a follow-up appointment. This documentation includes a 3D scan, clinical photos and X-rays of your teeth and face. We make use of the most advanced imaging techniques and do no longer use plaster moulds.

3. Treatment plan discussion

We develop a personalised treatment plan based on all collected information and imaging. Your personal treatment plan will be discussed with you in detail during your third appointment. We will provide you with detailed information regarding the cost, duration and possible alternatives with regard to your treatment.

ATTENTION! In case you have private health insurance make sure to bring the required documents to your first appointment.

4. Treatment

At the start of an active treatment you will receive fixed, removable or (in)visible braces. The placement of the braces will be followed by multiple follow-up appointments. An active orthodontic treatment takes on average 2 years till completion. It is of major importance to ensure excellent dental hygiene during your orthodontic treatment to prevent tooth discoloration or tooth decay. We recommend brushing your teeth at least twice a day and to continue with your half-yearly dentist appointments.

5. Follow-up

After completion of your active treatment, we remove your braces and start the passive treatment phase. We place retention wires behind your upper and lower teeth and provide you with a removable nightguard. These measures ensure your achieved results are stable and long-lasting. A number of follow-up appointments will be planned to check the retention wires and evaluate the results of your treatment.