The team at Ortho Heverlee includes two orthodontic specialists. An orthodontic specialist qualification is achieved by completing an additional 4-year degree in orthodontics after the successful completion of a university degree in dentistry. An orthodontic specialist is a specialised dentist and does not agree with the INAMI convention.

Our team is supported by an office manager and a medical assistants/dental technician. They manage the practice and will support you throughout your appointments. 

Recently, two enthusiastic dental hygienists joined our practice. A dental hygienist has completed a 3-year bachelor training and is therefore allowed to perform certain reserved treatments in the mouth. They ensure proper follow-up of the oral hygiene of our patients and assist the orthodontist with specific treatments.

Dr. An Verdonck


Licentiate in dentistry, KU Leuven, 1984
Certificate in endodontics, KU Leuven, 1987
Specialist degree in orthodontics, KU Leuven, 1991
Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in orthodontics, KU Leuven, 1997
Affiliated with the department of orthodontics of the University Hospital Leuven (UZ Leuven), since 1991

Member of BBNO, EOS, WFO

M.Sc. Cleo Wouters


Master of science (M. Sc.) in dentistry, Radboud UMC Nijmegen, 2015
Specialist degree in orthodontics, Radboud UMC Nijmegen, 2019

Member of BBNO, BUOS, EOS




Office Manager

Laura De Neef


Bachelor in de Mondzorg UCLL

RIZIV-nummer: 1-01403-23-000
Lid van: BBM

General Information

Company: Eenheid 111 CommV
Company no: 0742 885 881
Adress: Middelweg 111c, 3001 Heverlee